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Related post: Date: Tue, 8 Feb 2005 tiny pussy bbs 12:16:17 EST From: Jarrod749aol.com Subject: Quarry Hole. Chapter 15.Disclaimer: If you are not yet 18 years of age or if it is illegal to read materials of this kind where you live, then please stop now. This story contains descriptions of sexual activity between teenage boys. The acts are consensual and are a result of their love or lust for one another. Please write: jarrod749aol.com. I would love to hear if you like my story. Quarry Hole. 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Joey is not quite 5" hard. Jerry is 7"...the big dude of the bunchThey're all in the same grade and Paul and Shuey were outed that day when for some reason after all the years they all funned together growing up...this day...they kept their boxers on when the others pyccekc guide bbs stripped naked. They were tenting their bbs lol asian shorts and it wasn't lost on the others, and particularly Kurt, the ringleader of their little posse.In a fast shuffle, there was an ass and shorts grabbin scuffle, and Shuey and Paulie were bbs little kids models eatin' cock and giving up their boycunts fer their buds by twilight.Kurt honcho'd the take down. That night, Mark and Scott who lived on the same street agreed to meet after dinner and talk it all out. It was preying on their minds that they had taken down their buds. Aimlessly they wandered to Kurt's. Afterall, Kurt had been the roughest and was the instigator of all their craziness. But when they got to Kurt's driveway, they heard tough talk from the basement window.Peering down, there was tuffboy Kurt naked on his knees being dick-smacked by three older kids and ordered to blow cock. They thought one of the guys tormenting Kurt was his own big brother, but bbs young list they couldn't see faces...only young girls sex bbs big dicks! The two pals couldn't get outta there fast enough. Two shocks to their psyche in one day! First Paul and Shuey....now Kurt.They ran to two of the other bbs kid kids and told them what they saw. 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There were two feary, yet anxious volunteers....Graig, who was turned into a fuckboy himself, and Sean, who brought along his older brother, Rory.The older dudes subbing Kurt in his basement that night did include, John, his big brother, who had been enjoying Kurt's 'service' since the years he was still baby-sitting him. John also found Graig naked on the sidewalk after the quarry boys had fozya guestbook bbs put him down naked on the way home from the swimmin' hole, and left him on his back alone, beating off.John picked him up in his truck and took him home where he began training him along with giving Kurt to him to 'play' with for a while. 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Made him beg for dick, which they gave him inch after inch and over and over, pumping his face over their big cocks and into their bellies and cockhairs. He took every one of their loads, and licked their fuckwillies clean as a whistle after each one. The flush-faced sweaty kid kneeled with his hands up and cupped like a doggie while all three guys drained their piss into his mouth...and all over him for that matter. John then pulled some spray wash from his truck and sprayed the kid from his hair to his feet after yelling that the nude year old bbs young fucker stunk like a fuckin' whore. They emptied a camping water bag from the van over him and Graig wailed from the cold shower. They made him roll over like a puppy in the grass, then run around the truck to dry off while they each downed another beer each. They got an extra fun when they tripped him each time he came 'round the truck and sent him sprawling on his face.When he was stopped he was ordered youngtop bbs to kneel, 'paws' up, and John said, "You did good, for a first day apprentice, cuntboy. We'll be having you at the shop every Wednesday fum now on. Bring 3 foot lengths of rubber hose for us to 'train' you with, and report to the shop at our afternoon break bbs x nymph like today." The boy's face went dark, with head hung low when he realized this was only the beginning."Now kiss yur 'instructors' good bye and git'cher ass in the truck," John directed. Graig crawled to Dave and was gonna kiss his cheek, only to be yanked onto his cock. "Gimme a good sloppy smacker on dere, kid!"After slop-kissing Dave's dick, he crawled to Pete and repeated the full-lipped kiss, when Pete said..."Gimme a l'il knobber' a'fore you go."Graig didn't know whut he meant and looked teenmodel bbs up to his face, where he saw Pete making like a fish mouth with his tongue swirling inside his puckered lips, and said, "Do like that, but just on my knob. There just ain't nothin' like a good 'knobber,'" Pete said to his bbs swimsuit models pictures buds.Graig winced inside himself and suck-knobbed Pete's prick till John yanked on his leash and pulled till Graig crawled to the truck and inside while Pete collected the kid's clothes and threw them in with him.The doors all slammed and the engines started and with billows of dust, the vehicles went their bbs little tgp ways....Pete to drop off Dave at home, and John for home and a night of 'fun' with Graig, and Kurt, his buds, and maybe a few pizza delivery boys? The back of John's right hand smashed Graig's cheek and he held out the cell phone to him. "Tell your folks whut fun your gonna have at yur pal Kurt's house tonight and you'll be elweb bbs young top sleeping over." A whimpering, stung-faced Graig, dialed his number when he calmed down, and got approval for the stayover.During this stuff at the machine shop and out in the woods, back at the quarry:After cock-smacking his big brother's face, pasting it with dick drizzle seeping from his peter, Sean let Rory up and booted him in the ass with his bare foot as the older kid reached down to get his clothes, barking "Fuckin' queer!" Then Sean made Rory dress him....kissing each boy part he dressed before hand. Once Sean was sneakered up and ready, he made Rory carry his bbs teen model nn own clothes and made him crawl young fuck bbs naked up the path to the road. 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Sean made like a doggie and sticked out his tongue instructively, and Rory's face jutted forward with his tongue fully extended over his lip....quivering....waiting....Sean smiled....whut fun they were gonna have from here on! Mark and Scott broke ls bbs girl off from the others as they reached their street. True to his promise about Mark serving him after 'Quarry' every day, Scott immediately, arm-cuffed the top of his bud's head and pulled him tight into his shoulder. "It's after quarry, dude. Time to put out fer yer bud, right? RIGHT!!!!?""Ye----yehhhsssshh!" Mark strained to answer in this uncomfortable position...his face pulled hard almost into Scott's pit."Yer folks ain't home till late, right?" Scott asked to Mark's 'yes' nod. "Good. I think ahm gonna have you in yer own bed this afternoon. This ways you can sniff and lick my smells and dick spoo off yer sheets after I leave....if I don't stay over, and fuck yer brains out all night....Ahhhhhhahaha!" Scott bellowed his laughter at Mark's expense as he freed his head and shoved him ahead.At the walk to Mark's front door they turned up and when they got to the steps, Scott sat on the top step, rubbing his fly....running his licky tongue across his bbs nn model lips. Mark immediately feared up. Gripping his chest, Mark russian kds bbs pleaded, "No Scott...pleeese...no...not here!" bbs young girls nude His head snapped left and right and across the street....."Anybody could see us....meeeee. Puhhhhhhleeeeeeze???!"Scott howled, and said, "Knees, cocksucker!"Scott sneered as Mark took forever to get down on his knees on the bottom step....face-high to Scott's crotch. "Come ONNNNNNN, pussyboy! You can't eat'cher afterschool snack while it's still in the package, dude....GET IT OUT!"Across the street 3 young dudes were just coming out of one of the houses with a wiffle bat and ball. Bentley was waiting when John got home with Graig in tow.They never family nudist photos bbs called him anything but Bentley, and no one really knew if it was his first name or last. The only thing that did matter was that Bentley...well, he knew stuff: about making money and funnin' with dudes he found around town...even had his own little boi cadre which as a matter of fact, was with him this day as well. John had called him the night before when they put the wood to Brice and realized there could be money in their 'play'....and Bentley...he knew 'bout money and business.As John lighted from his truck, Bentley's own young dudes scrambled out of the passenger side of his car, nattily attired in their tan Dockers cargo shorts, loafers without socks, and blue oxford button-down shirts, flanking the 'Benter'. He nodded to them whereupon they immediately went about unloading the trunk to haul out all manner of audio/visual equipment, carrying it to the front door of the house.John and Bentley shook hands, and except for smiles on their faces, they said nothing and knew what they were about as they followed the twin-like teens into the house. Then John poked his head back out the door and with two spread fingers to his mouth he whistled and the door of the truck flew open and a naked Graig crawled out and down to the pavement, then across the grass to the door and in past John to kneel in the hall with his 'paws' up for orders.John turned and left him there ignored as he sun klass bbs slammed the pedo bbs list door and whistled to the upstairs. There were a few bumps and thumps and soon a naked Kurt came crawling down from his room for the newest torment his brother had in store. Collar and butt plug in place, he quivered at the bottom of the stairs, on his knees, 'paws' up. John ignored him as well, and went on in to observe Bentley's set up of the equipment. Geez, there were cameras, lights, TV hookups, and a computer and webcam.A futon was pulled out into the center pix bbs teen of the living room around which the A/V stuff was being arrayed.The kneeling Kurt looked shamefully at the equally kneeling Graig from opposite ends of the hallway. There were no smiles...maybe just awareness...both had a bit of the shakes, but both were more than happy at being ignored for the time being at least.It was closing in on 7 PM and soon John's buds, Derek and Rich would be showing.TV switched on, Bentley took his position with a leg hanging over the arm of an easy chair and switched on the puter, petite angel bbs TV, and cams with his remote. The monitors came to life with different angles of the futon on the screens. "Git the dorks in here," Bentley called to a nodding John, who just snapped his fingers and the two fuckboys crawled their bare asses in from the hallway and kneeled up for directions."You," John ordered Kurt, "get on the futon lounge on yer back." Kurt scrambled over to the futon and laid himself out bare to the whole wide room. With a few hand gestures, Bentley had his boy pron bbs team adjust cam angles and stuff, and then waved them to young bbs ls a corner where they both got on their rompl bbs kdz knees, hands lol bbs vids free clasped behind."Legs up, l'il bro....lessee that pussy." When Kurt complied, butt plug and all, John smiled broadly at Bentley, who smiled back said....."Ahhhhh, yes, John mah mannn, it will be fine play tonight....a fine play indeed. You leave the cash 'rangements to me....you'll be cut in fairly, and our boy tools will have their enticements as well. Ever'thin' will be nice... v-e-r-r-y nice."John grabbed Graig by his illegal sex bbs fine light free teen young bbs brown hair, and guided him in a knee waddle to the space between Kurt's legs. "Check out yer buddy's funk there boy. Eat 'im out....and I wanna hear that tongue shlikkin', smuppin' and sloppin'. After a bit, I better hear some 'thwukkkin' too, when yur tongue surprises the insides of fuckhead's hole."With the faintest of nods, Graig stuck his face right into Kurt's crack and started licking like there was no tomorrow. The 'shlikkier' and 'shlukkier' the tongue swarshing, the wider came the smiles on the older teen lechers' faces.Meanwhile, John went over to the corner and asked Bentley's boys their names. "Straightening incest fuck bbs top up to attention on their knees, they successively teen boys bbs barked, "One, sir." "Two, sir." John got the picture, smiled and looked back over his shoulder at Bentley, who leered a smile back.John went off into the kitchen and returned with a 1/4 keg iced in a tub and wrapped in a quilt blanket. He maneuvered it with a handtruck to the university hot bbs list back wall. Pumping it, he produced mugs for himself and Bentley, who quaffed his in almost a single chug-a-lug gulp, handing it back to John for refilling. Doing so, they both sat to enjoy the opening act of the evening.Over the next half hour, the two fucktools were ordered to 69 toes, dicks, balls vombat elwebbs bbs and assholes. Neither was allowed to cum. Then the kids were ordered off the futon and to service John and Bentley. First order of bd sisters bbs business was their feet. The boys removed the masters' sneaks and socks, laid to their bellies on the floor and went about licking and chewing manboy ankles, feet and toes. It was the sounds that always got John going. When he could hear his brother's tongue working between his legs or toes, he would shiver and tingle all over from the excitement....not to mention the wildness of that flailing boy tongue working defloration pics bbs child his most sensitive parts.This whole thing started the night before, when the pizza boy ended up the main course in a smorgasfuckboi party. 'Brice'...the pizza delivery kid was literally consumed by the sights, sounds and smells of the moment, and sort of became part of a scheme that could make some cash for the dudes involved. It was tonight that Brice would recruit a buddy pizza delivery boy, and bring him to John's for 'training' and readiness for the new 'business.'With much fanfare, Rich and Derek burst through the door and shouted their joy at the site of the keg and the naked cuntboys eating feet on their bellies.Bounding past the action they each filled a mug, slugged down a few gulps, burped, a thereby announced their readiness for the scene. Rich reached down and yanked at Kurt's butt plug, evoking a grunt from the toe sucking teen.Soon the kids were turned over on their backs to lick the bottoms and balls of the guys' feet. Derek scooched a chair up, stripped off shoes and bbs pubescent pics socks and started diddling both naked dudes on the floor with his toes to their nipples, pits, dicks and balls. Then he dueled John's bbs incest photos feet for some tongue action.Bentley was left without interference.Brice was to bring two pizzas with him on his final run and bring the buddy with him.By now, Kurt had been returned to the futon, and they installed Graig's cock up the kid's formerly butt plugged hole. Graig was made to ease the plug out Kurt's bunger and lick it clean while he started his rhythmic boy rut. They told Graig to merely 'play' in asian young erotica bbs Kurt's bung, and not to go for a nut.The steady flex of Graig's tight bubblebutt cheeks was a sight to behold. All four guys watching the methodic boyfucking drifted into a sort of trance. Lips were being bbs russian girls licked by quavering tongues....hands and fingers absently moved between each guy's legs....the fidgeting and butt hunching against chair seats and cushions was now continuous, and disorderly....the heat....innnnnn-tense. The incessant sounds of the shhlikking moist dick pumping into the sweaty boy butt...ohhhhhh....sounded like a mooshy velcro strip being opened over and over.Kurt looked up into his fucker's face....a scene he had become all too familiar with over the last several years....only the face of his impaler changed periodically....but....the rhythm, the butt-plunging, never ending fucking just went on and on, day after day....and yet there was always that twitch....that itch in his hole....that need for boy cock.The bell rang, and John slowly rose. The pizzas...and the little two legged toppings....were at hand.The boys lurched through the doorway and waited for John to close the door. Bentley appeared at the alcove to the hallway and held out sucking bbs a hand to greet whichever boy came first....Brice....as it turned out. Being nude teenager bbs more familiar with the surroundings, Brice was a little more loose than his buddy."Hey, boy, whutsyername?" John asked as he put a coddling hand to the new boy's shoulder and neck, guiding him toward the living room, as he took the two pizza boxes from him."Chipper...uh, Chip the guys call me....sir," he offered."Well....Chip it is then. I presume our little bestiality bbs friend Brice here has clued you about the boy fun we arranged for tonight?"A weak smile up to John from Chipper betrayed a little wariness...maybe a lot, but, he WAS here...sooooo....Bentley, with an bbs nonnude arm around Brice now, reached over to shake hands with Chip, and then produced a $50 bill for Brice, and a twenty for Chip, whose eyes darted back and forth between the bills in their hands, and maybe alarmed a bit at the disparity.Bentley raised a calming hand that said, 'Lemme explain,' and Chip smiled when he was told that Brice had been through the routine and is already a part of the new boy team. If Chipper fits in as well, then payments would equalize.Never one to waste words, Bentley walked Chipper into the living room where the kid gawked...mouth dropped open at the site of a naked butt fucker before him, humping to a rhythm, with someone's feet up over his shoulders, foot bottoms bobbing up and back, facing him. There was no way for Chip to know yet, that the other player was another boy. The images on the tv and computer clearly showed Kurt pumping his prick to the same rhythm Graig was fucking him....but Chip was too shocked to make any sense of this....there ls modelscom bbs was just too much to see, to try to grasp...and then Bentley blurted out shamey questions....like... .."You virgin, boy?"Chip's head shook 'Yes' then 'No'....then 'Yes' but he couldn't say anything. Bentley reminded him of the $20 he had given him by squeezing Chip's fingers around the bill crumpled in his clammy palm, and then he moved to the couch and Brice and Chip sat to either side of him. Arms around both boys' shoulders, he kneaded the back of their necks....constantly. The boys would absently scrunch their necks out and back like geese into the pleasure of the kneading fingers, and then Bentley...and John....watched....and waited....for the boys' pants to eventually tent.Like the charming of a snake, both boys' cocks rose hard in their pants and now Bentley was ready to intro Chip to the action of the evening....and his near future as well.He turned to Brice, and said...."You know the funs don'tchu 15yo forum bbs boy?" Brice anxiously nodded. He was hot as a firecracker now and wanted in on Graig and Kurt whose rutting action before him had nearly put him in a trance. "Then go to it, boy!" Brice lurched off the couch and still fully dressed, stood above and straddling the naked Kurt, pulling down the waist band of his cargo shorts and hefted his 5 inch-plus prick over it and against Graig's lips.Chipper gulped and jolted when he watched Brice's dick flop over his waistband and disappear into Graig's mouth. His hand went to his leaky boy meat in his pants and squeezed...ohhhhh soooooo harrrrddd! The tingly shivers coursed his every fiber. He was squirming, and his toyboy butt was digging deeper into the couch...his boxers working their way up into his crack. He was also rubbing back and forth almost imperceptibly against Bentley, while his neck was still being massaged.Without looking into Chip's hazel wild eyes, Bentley non nude young bbs just kept up the soothing monotone.... "Hot boy ain't he? That Brice....see that driz leaking fum his dick when he fed it to Graig. Graig's tongue...lookit how it swipes out underneath, and then 'longside yur bud's peter while he pumps the kid's face." Bentley's hand moved to Chip's back where he smoothed it up and down his spine re-doubling Chipper's shivering and quaking. He'd never been this close to sex...let alone boy....sex....cock....ever.Every time Bentley reached the band of Chip's pants, the tips of his 16 yo bbs gallery fingers slid in a little, then a little more, then more....each time. It reached a point where with each finger incursion now Chipper would buck forward, then ooze back into the fingers which now diddled at his tail bone just above the separation of his butt cheeks."Yur bud's gettin' sweaty, boy....why don'tchu go over and help him off wit' his clothes while he's busy fuck-feedin' that boycuntface in fronna him."The cherubic milky-white skinned boy looked up. Bentley spoke without looking at Chip. Chip's wavy, golden hair flopped a little to the side above his left eye. He was by far the pretty boy of the night. The prize. The treasure. Bentley moved slowly so as not to mess up his developing control of this golden boy.His middle finger dug into Chipper's crack just below his tailbone and nude teen models bbs gave the slightest hint of a push in and up, and the kid came up out of the couch and moved toward his buddy Brice like a fuckin' zombie. He looked back at Bentley for approval as he reached a shaking hand to Brice's tee emblazoned with 'Domi's Pizza Shop'.Bentley just nodded, and Chip pulled up on shy bbs pedo porn the shirt and with sweat beading on Brice's face and showing dampness in the top lollita bbs upper back, neck band and chest of the shirt, he was pleased to be rid of it, and raised his arms as the shirt went up over his head. Bentley crooked his finger at Chip while he crumpled the tee shirt absently in his fingers. When Chip bent down to him, Bentley said, "Smell it boy....smell that...that's yer buddy smells in there." Chip looked questioningly down at Bentley, and then Bentley eased the tee shirt in the kid's hand up into his face....."Breathe deeeeeeep...breathe in Brice's smell.... breathe him in boy." Then Bentley realized he might be on a roll here with Chipper and wanted to build on the momentum. He coddled Chip's neck again and guided his face into Brice's armpit as he raised up the other kid's arm. Cheek to cheek with Chipper, Bentley swiped his tongue out past Chip's lip and into Brice's pit, then lola porn bbs he pushed Chip's face hard to the boy pit...."Lick it boy....taste 'im...taste yer bud....dooooooo itttttttt...." he whispered hoarsely....his 18 teen bbs galery fingers digging into the boy's crack through his pants. Chipper rutted up and forward against Brice's hip when Bentley sqootched at his boytail. Bentley free small bbs tgp was actually getting worked up in spite of his usual self discipline. Thennnnn...he all but swooned when he saw Chipper gallery nonude free bbs lick-suck Brice's armpit....digging his face in deeper.....licking faster....harder....spit was starting to drool from the corner of his mouth....ohhhhhhh....and was droozing down Brice's side!Breathless....Chip finally pulled his face out of Brice's pit and when he got some air and was starting back in for more, Bentley motioned for him to get the rest of the boy's clothes off. More aggressively now, Chipper almost methodically stripped Brice....pants, sneaks, green plaid boxers....socks.With the boxers and socks in his hands, Chipper looked polish gay bbs to Bentley expectantly. Bentley pushed his palm into his face. Chipper automatically pushed Brice's shorts and socks to his nose and mimicked the deep breath Bentley was taking, drawing his head up and back. He guided Chip to hold onto Brice's shoulders when he saw Brice start to ls barbie bbs short stroke and tremble. Bentley wanted Chip to feel his buddy getting his nut...wanted the trembling to pass through to Chip....wanted him to feel his buddy cumming....the thrill of watching and feeling buddy cum....wanted him to need it.Chip's breath went short....Brice was bucking like an animal and then shot his body portal bbs sex forward hard and held...."Nnnnnnnngggghhhh...uhhh..huhhhh....soooooogooood....ohhhhh!!" Chipper held on. His fingers dug into the sweat beading on Brice's shoulders. His cock was steeled!Bentley snapped his fingers to 'One' and 'Two' who came flying from the corner and in the most quiet, brisk moves had Chipper naked to the whistles of Rich, Derek, John and Bentley. Chipper was hunnnngggggggg! Fully rifle hard at the moment, and uncut with his hoodie pulled all the way back of his dick helmet, the oversized boymeat was snugged hard to his lower belly. Room light gleamed on the slick from the cock ooze of the shiny, bared head. He was easily a full 8 inches and almost five inches around! If there was ever a doubt about whether Chip belonged there that night....there sure wasn't any now!His toes dug in shamey like, curling down and under into the rug in John's living room. The cameras recorded everything for posterity....and more.His clammy fingers were still glued to his buddy Brice who was still in the after throes of his violent facefucking cum into Graig's mouth.'One' and 'Two' were on their knees licking with one tongue slipping up Chip's tailsmile, and the other sucking at his balls while each of their hands were working other parts of Chip all at guestbook fozya bbs the same time. Chip's nerve endings had almost numbed him as quick moving and knowing fingers and tongues worked feverishly across his nipples, and balls right up into his funky, moist crease. A hand was kneading his rockhard, leaking boymeat, and a finger was working at his pucker. The jittery quaking the boy was experiencing in reaction to the wild tonguing and fingering was like teeth chattering....and he was doing that, too!Rampant horny boy frenzy!!!! 'Two's mouth closed on Chipper's belly button....an outie...and Chipper teen movies blog bbs yelped like a puppy when 'Two' bit the knotted skins there.It was at this point that Graig was also nutting up Kurt's bucking asshole. The two boy lickers worked Chipper to Kurt's butthole and moved the afterglowing Graig aside after they scooped the droozing cumslop from Kurt's asshole and while wafting their cum sopped hands under Chip's nose, they let him watch Graig lick off the shimmering spooge offering. 'One' was slobber licking Chip's prick to ls girl photos bbs ready him for tail'sertion into Kurt.Chip was crazed. The smell of boy...boysex...cum...the taste of Brice's pit still on mouth and lips....and tongue. The feel...the sight of a buddy when you watch him shoot...the illegal posted bbs video thrill...intoxicating...gotta have it....gotta have it...too!Ohhhhhhh!!! Chip's first fuck! A boy! A fuck! A virgin no more! A boyfuck!.....annnnnd.... he was INNNNNN! "Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!" he moaned. "Ohhh it's sooooo.....ohhhhhhh!! I can't b'lieve ittttt!!" he screamed. He rutted real quick in wild jerky banging thrusts, like the rookie fucker he was, and then imgboard bbs teen with tears in his eyes he cried out, "I CUMMMMMMED!!!" Boy 'Two' was tonguing still inside Chip's crease, while boy 'One' was whispering calming things into the aftercumming kid's ear, and saying, "Yur still fuckin' rockin' dude. You stay in 'at pussy and fuck his brains out! He needs it! HE NEEDS IT!" Then staring down at Kurt's face, he yelled at Kurt cp bbs clip free ordering him ls bbs land to tell Chipper how much he needed it.Kurt, soaked in sweat from below them on the futon, strained his neck up, "Ughhh..ohyeh kid...fuck me man...fuckme...I need fuckin....please....FUCK MEEEEEEEEE!" he cried. Kurt's brother John smiled. How well he had trained the young buck...did anything John samll girls bbs wanted... and now he had even more masters....every kid in the room....the quarry boys. Kurt surely did know his place.Chipper felt a new surge of manboyhood. His tingly cock fired into Kurt's bunger with a new fury. After that first cum he could go at least several minutes before his teen detonator blew his head off again....and then who knows, fast as it was russians bbs child anal that kids get up and off....maybe again....and again.He was trembling anew in the sex frenzy he had never known beyond that of his hand in the shower...or under the covers....sometimes fucking his pillow. His hands folded around Kurt's feet which were in constant motion alongside his face. After a bit, they settled high on Chip's chest as Chip leaned forward and held, as he butt-napped his cock hard into Kurt's bunghole. His tongue was flicking across his lips, licking, slicking and sometimes just sticking out the corner of his mouth where his teeth chewed on it. He bucked...he rutted....he banged...and fucked the shit out the boypussy his cock pumped into back and forth, slicked and glistened in the light of the room on 16 bbs girls each outstroke....in and out....ohhhhh fantastic! Cock! Fuckin'! Cum! Naked! Toe-curlin' fuckin'!The older dudes were milling all around scarfing pizza and beer, some shedding their clothes as time and boyfuckin' wore on. They were now all squatting around the futon: Chipper, Kurt, boys 'One' and 'Two' and Brice. The pizza delivery boys had certainly breathed new life into their scene these last two nights. They placed the pizzas on Kurt's stomach and chest and split it up and fed their own faces, while offering bites to the fuckboys as they 'dicked' on.Bentley made some motions to boy 'One' and then he and 'Two' moved Brice forward till he was straddling Kurt and standing right in front of his kneeling pizza boy buddy who was in near delirium as he approached the flashpoint of his second cum in ten minutes. Bentley put a finger to Chip's mouth and the kid sucked it in...and then another. On the other side, John did the same. Four fingers working over the swirling and now sucking Chip's tongue. Bentley's fingers eased out and moved slickly up Chip's crease. They found his cherrybud and started to really worry at it. At the first that Bentley felt Chip push his tail back into the pressing finger, he broke through the assring up to the first knuckle, and simultaneously had Brice moved right up to Chip's face and with John's fingers spreading the kid's lips, they eased Brice's dick into his buddy Chip's face.After stripping naked finally, bbs data a1 Bentley's cadre boys got into the action. 'Two' burrowed between Chip's legs and sucked his balls. 'One' wormed his tongue at Chip's browneye, licking Bentley's finger as well. Bentley got his second finger 'oiled' again in 'One's mouth and added it to Chipper's relaxing, widening hole.As Brice started a rhythmic facerut over his pal's tongue, John removed his precum and spit-sopped fingers from Chip's mouth, and worked them into Chip's butthole along side Bentley's. They both smiled at their accomplishment. They were now deep inside the boy's virgin pussy and were kneading his toyhole walls and triggering his hot button, too. They joyed in watching him double buck and circle his tail around when they touched him off inside....and they burned inside knowing Chipper....was ready!John nodded at Graig. With that the boy was guided behind Chipper....and he kneeled behind and between the legs of the fucking, kneeling Chipper who was about to blow his nut. Graig's boymeat steeled and drove through the four fingers as they slid out and he sank full to his balls into Chipper. Virgin no more times two! Graig was having none of the easy going finger-fuck play he'd been watching as they broke Chipper in.Chipper screamed in the ecstasy of his second cum, and his first ever impaling. They had greased his skid so well with cum slop and spit while fingering him open all the way to the hot button deep inside, that he was fucked....and being fuckin' ham-slammed before he knew he'd been invaded. Graig was deee-eeep! Hot! Wild-eyed! and needing soooo baddddd to fuck this kid! He fucked the life out of him. Chip's assring burned from the stretching but was easing as this feel was replaced with the searing friction heat of Graig's fiery rutfuck!Chipper's cock slipped sloppily from Kurt's cummed up asshole and his hoodie was starting to finally swallow up his dickhead helmet with burbling cum ooze building up at the ever closing hanging foreskin hood. Spit and boy spunk drool was seeping the corners of his mouth as his buddy Brice rammed his facehole. Graig gripped tightly to Chip's hips and slammed himself into Chip as he shot wildly and screamed, his fuckjoyjelly spewed up Chipper's chute to the accompaniment of his wild banshee screams.Kurt had been ordered to slick Chipper's spent wick clean of his own butt slime and Graig's and Chip's own cock shoot. There couldn't be any nerve endings that weren't numbed in Chipper's boysex circuit. They laid him gently down on his belly with boy 'Two' sitting at the front by Chip's face which was planted on 'Two's' cock. Kurt was now guiding his fucktool up into Chipper's hole through his own spit and the dregs of Graig's spooge.The pizza was all gone....Chip was almost gone....John was pumping the beer tap with the goofy Derek and Rich lying under the spigot gulping draft beer from the tap to the laughter of their fellow lechers around the room.Mugs were then poured all around, and now 'One' was replacing 'Two' plugged in to Chip's face. His underground bbs pics balls spread out on the futon as he straddled it and fed a hefty 6 inch tool up into Chip's face. He was one who liked to scooooch up close so his nutsack squished into pedo cp ru bbs his suckboy's bobbing chin.Derek shocking childporn bbs and Rich were being undressed by 'Two' while they sat to either side of Chip's waist at the futon awaiting the next round. To pass the time, they each picked up Chip's hands, bbs bella elweb hanging off the futon to the floor, and folded them around their cocks. Covering them with their own hands, they moved Chip's hands into a steady jacking rhythm. So here at this point Chip was working four dicks, and almost didn't know what or where from what was happening. The monotone of "Suck Chip, suck! Chip loves cock! I need dick! xxx bbs streaming I eat buddy prick!" droned on and on around Chip and in his ears. It's all he heard while he sucked cock after cock and the rest of the boys were waiting their turn at his deflowered hole. Bentley stood back smiling as he repositioned a cam to Chip's butt where he had picked up the nearly imperceptible movement underneath Kurt's pounding prick showing Chipper's butt hunching up to meet his fucker boy....Bentley knew what he was seeing....he'd seen it all before.While the others kept up the drone, Bentley leaned into Chip's sucking face and asked, " Do you love it boy.....do you LOVE free pics teen bbs it?!"Chip tried to look to his right to see Bentley and with somewhat feary eyes, h e squinted with a mouth full of hard cock, bubbling spit onto the futon as he said something that sounded like, "Uhcch...uchh...uuureth...thurrkkk!" Bentley patted the boy's sopping wet no longer golden hair, and said "Attaboy!" as he leaned in at the other end and again slid two fingers into Chip's bunger alongside Kurt's hardpumping prick.John always felt it was bbs pedo forum important that new recruits be as one with the face of the dude he be suckin', 'putting a face on the dick so to speak,' he used to say. So he reached in under Chipper's chin and had him look into 'One's eyes....he blinked...then non nude bbs model again....John smiled, and hissed, "Yessss! Let's be having our boy here be looking up in yur faces while he be eatin', boys."And on it went....the fuckin'...the suckin'.... The grandfather clock in the hall bongin' every quarter hour, as they put young Chipper to the cock!Kurt was shooting his wad kids porn bbs russian now and Derek lined himself up at the toolbox of the moment. He smiled as he watched a cum drained Kurt pull out. He was so used to himself pulling out of Kurt during any number of their 'Kurt boff parties,' that the young bbs bondage galleries site of Kurt standing while Derek slipped his meat into boyass was novelty....strange....exciting!Chip grunted as Derek sank through his pussy. The voices were still droning in Chip's ears. As 'One' eased his cock from Chip's face, Graig positioned himself, and lifted pretty teens bbs Chip's head up, and as he leered at him, he asked, " Do you love cock boy...do you love it...? Tell us how you love cock...tell us!"Chip, his face beet red, streaked and dirty from handlng. Ooze of pre-fuck driz coating his mouth, nose and chin, strained to look up and speak....and said, Uhhhh...ohyeh... mmmm....cock....yeh...suck....love cock....unngh...ungh! he then grunted as Derek rebottomed teen porno amateur bbs in his hole, and again...and again....lurching Chipper forward and right onto Graig's dick....Bentley was thinking he'd like Rich in Chip's face next....Rich was not over long...or too thick...but just right to break in a suckboy's throathole....a grin spread over Bentley's face as his own prick tingled and danced in his pants."Uh-ahh-unngh-ungh-uhhhhuh......" groaned Chip....and Derek....Please write and tell me if you like my story. Send comments to jarrod749aol.com Positive and negative comments welcome. For other stories, see JARROD on the Authors Page.
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